Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto: Elusive, Complex, NOT Purple

Manifesto d'Yves Saint Laurent For Women

YSL Manifesto Perfume Review

Manifesto by YSL is quite elusive at the start, but when it settles down a little, after about 30 minutes, a sign of quirkiness comes out, in the form of a waffle-like powdery sweetness. It’s still introverted and muffled, with fruits underneath.


As time passes by, Manifesto gets more complex. Warmer, first of all, with the addition of light spices and soft woods. Add to that a couple of floral notes coming and going in the background, and a hint of freshness, like of orange. Sweetness is always there, but it’s all very delicate and becomes vanilla in the base notes.


This new YSL perfume Manifesto is versatile and balanced for every occasion (cheesy line, I know, but true). If you find it too sweet it’s because you don’t like sweet notes. The only thing I’m wondering is what the color purple of the ad has to do with it. That’s stretching synesthesia a little bit too far…


At a glance

Brand:  Yves Saint Laurent
Gender :  For women
Category:  Oriental floral
But you can also say it’s…  Introverted
To be used during…  All day
When the temperature is…  Fresh – Cold
Min age:
Price Range for 3.3oz/100ml:  101$-150$
It was launched in…  2012