Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Review: The Time I Got Side-Tracked

Baby Doll parfum YSL Review

Baby Doll parfum YSL for women

Perfume Baby Doll YSL should start with fruity and citrusy notes, but the truth is, I got the florals straightaway, and that was better, because fruits would have only been a meaningless prelude.


The bouquet has rose in the foreground, and although it’s nothing shocking smell-wise, it is very pink and flimsy, a quality that has a lot of ambiguity: between playfully young and maliciously adult. And this is where I got side-tracked. Here’s a brief and honest confession: perfume Baby Doll YSL really turned me on. I blame the people of YSL marketing department, who gave such a name to such a fragrance. I hope this won’t make me a bad example of male. In my defence, I can say I fought like a lion to stay focused, and the rest of this YSL Baby Doll perfume review is the fruit of my discipline and determination.


So, where were we? Oh yes, the thin pink florals… fortunately enough the teasing phase ends at some point and, as it evolves, Baby Doll Yves Saint Laurent will show a tight-knit texture of florals. It will become more intense, with rose coming out in full power. Still sexy, still luscious, but in a way that is, at the same time, more sober and more open, and with also an almost a green side to the rose.  The finale will show the classic combination of floral – musky – powdery – sweet, but will actually keep up the florals, which would normally tend to become weak at this stage. The musk is slightly fruity, and is there to remind that this is as far as we can go.