YSL Parisienne A l’Extreme: Introducing Roseberry

This is a special edition of perfume Parisienne, launched in 2010. The opening is full of peppery indefinite florals, confusing but promising. It seems like good things are about to happen. And after a minute or two, there it goes with dense, heady, boozy and velvety notes. Is it rose? Hmm, wait a minute… yes, and mixed with berries, which are very present and with their natural sourness.


It’s a rich and complex character, fruity and floral, dense and with layer of cling film all around (I read that in the original Parisienne perfume that vynil side is even stronger), but also with a fresh and juicy side. After a while, there is a point where the notes come together more tightly, but it turns out to be a transition towards the stage where rose takes the lead. It dresses down and slips into something more comfortable, becoming softer, less spicy and a tad sweeter, but warmer and more velvety. In the dry down, there is little or no concession to musk or vanilla: it’s rose all the way.


I’m not much into the this-is-a-perfume-for-a-confident-woman kind of crap, but this time I’m very tempted to say: this is a perfume for a confident woman. Although… I wish the first part had lasted longer to be honest – with those berries playing with the floral side. Roseberries don’t exist, but if they did, they would smell like that. It’s one clear example of how perfumery as an art can go beyond nature.


But hey, rose is rose is rose, and its dense, powdery, peppery, sensual smell always works. The perfumer decided to trade interesting for sexier: I can live with that.


Can you believe that I couldn’t find a decent picture with the bottle? (wink)

YSL Perfume Parisienne A L’extreme Review

YSL Perfume Parisienne A L’extreme Review