YSL L’Homme Cologne For Men Review: Extra Personality Preferable

YSL L'homme Eau De Toilette For Men Review

YSL L’homme Eau De Toilette For Men Review

L’Homme Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent is one of those delicate masculine compositions, where spices don’t scratch that much, the typical clean notes are stripped off, and it gets fruity and floral ones instead.


All the above of course in a masculine way. As fruity and floral notes are typically feminine, when they are applied to masculine perfumes, they can be defined by subtraction; I mean, they are masculine by virtue of what they are not, rather than of what they are. And in this case, fruits are not too bubbly gummy, rather leaning on the ripe side, and the florals are not too delicate.


The opening is fresh with citrus and slightly fruity, with something that reminded me of a somewhat ripe melon. Soon a hint of spices joins, as a signal that yes, this is a masculine frag not only by name. However, it keeps a very soft touch, gladly mixing withe rest of the notes. This idea of a fresh fruity edge remains on the foreground for the most part and yet, as it evolves, YSL l’Homme men seemed to become more complex, also adding an idea of  woods to come and a certain damp greenness.


Considering the low level of the spices, the fruity and the floral notes, YSL l’Homme could be worn as a women’s perfume as well. However, it won’t give up its masculine identity. Indeed, whereas classic or in-your-face spicy frags speak for themselves, delicate and sophisticated perfumes for men like this one might require a supplement of personality to be pulled off successfully. And this goes well with the message of the ad.


“Sheer magnetism” she says  in the end, with the attraction being symbolized by the circular movement of the camera, getting closer and closer. With this respect, the review left by a female Fragrantica user, sounds like the perfect copy:


I met a french man once. His chiseled physique made it seem like he had just walked out of a magazine. He drank expensive champagne, he spoke 5 languages, wore tailored suits and wore L’Homme.

He had traveled and known many places and I am sure he had women swooning at every place he went to say the least. I met him and met the highest of first impressions. I was perhaps of interest to him, then loathed each other, then we were acquainted and then he disappeared into the sunset. I will forever think of his remarkable masculinity when I sense YSL L’Homme.