Ysatis Givenchy Perfume For Women: Ylang Ylang Goes Sour

After Amarige,  with Ysatis it’s ylang-ylang again, with the chemical smell you wouldn’t expect from a flower. However, whereas in Amarige it was more a in-your-face kind of thing, here it takes a sour twist. So now you have the sour and the chemical, with an intense attitude: so – as for Amarige – it’s OK if you don’t like it, really.


After a couple of hours on the blotter, the change: the sour ylang ylang is less despotic and starts talking to other florals. The result is softer, gentler, different, and hopefully it won’t take four hours to come out on your skin. It’s probably the mix of ylang-ylang, citrus and woody notes, but it’s something that deserves to be smelt as it gives Ysatis De Givenchy Perfum a different personality.


And for the rest, the more time passes the soapier it gets, still with ylang-ylang reminding who the boss is, but with a more classic bouquet altogether. It’s not the usual pleasantness you have here, what you have is personality: this is mature, intense, deep. Are you ready to trade some “oh it smells soo good” with some “what’s this smell?”


Parfum Givenchy Ysatis is what young girls in the eighties used to wear, now it’s probably what those same women could still wear. I guess their daughters have different tastes now.



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