Paco Rabanne Black XS: Men Who Smell Like Men Should Smell Like This

Paco Rabanne XS Black For Men

Paco Rabanne XS Black For Men Review

This is the younger version of a classic by Paco Rabanne like XS, created by Oliver Cresp, the same guy who made Angel and Nina.


In case it’s not clear from the title, I will agree with the majority: this Black XS Paco Rabanne perfume is a super-masculine fragrance and that’s why we (and by “we” I mean us would-be half-metrosexual) like it when we want to smell a bit rough but still sophisticated.


Let’s skip the elusive opening with fresh-y notes, and fast forward 5-10 minutes to the sweet and spicy heart notes of cinnamon.  It’s solid spice, with round angles, but the sweet praline layer and the note of amber blend greatly and make it even more compact, giving this parfum Black XS for men an in-your-face I’m-here-to-seduce-everything-that-moves type of attitude.


After a while, sweetness subsides and stops being so blatant, amber is more present and woods come in. From that point on, it will still be sweet, mind, but warmer, and I could swear I smell red orange somewhere. That’s when this guy who, by no means – at least so far – you would let your sixteen-year-old daughter go out with, gets a more mature and reassuring aura. You would at least invite him for an afternoon tea, but you would not leave the room.


If you think this Paco Black XS Homme is not that different from One Million perfume, you’re right, but I find the central note of sweetened cinnamon more interesting.