Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice Review: Not So Naughty After All

Vivienne Westwood perfume Naughty Alice

Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood for Women

Never mind the almost-light rose in the opening: within five minutes Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westood will develop into a strong and dense fragrance with a huge amount of musk, which will blend with the ylang-ylang and violet, oriental with a floral side. A smoky environment, with a slow, nostalgic jazz song in the background would be a good scenario for this perfume.


Towards the end (but this could be after several hours), the powdery florals and the musk become gentler, and not very far from the original Boudoir, with a light talcum aroma.


The name is the essence of cheesiness (even worse than the grenade-shaped bottle of Flowerbomb) and if I were a woman, that would be the only thing that would make me walk by without stopping, unless the Alice in question is not the one in Wonderland, but Alice Cooper, in that case, thumbs up.


However, that remains a minor detail because after all, the mix of this Naughty Alice perfume is not naughty at all (who likes naughty girls, really?), but surely (cough… ehm) sexy. So please, have mercy of your male colleagues and avoid it in a work environment, and also don’t try to pull it off if you’re still in your early twenties (try and remain just Alice for a bit longer). Other than that however, if you are in a mood for an intrusive femininity, then go for it.

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