Versace Pour Homme Review: Office-Ready

In the very opening, Versace Pour Homme Eau De Toilette offers very quick and fugacious aquatic notes, and then goes classic, amber-clean and laundry-detergent. There are citrus notes as well in the background (more present on the blotter though), and also a spice that makes it slightly powdery.


It feels quite classy, with a style that reminds of Ferrari Black (where the spice is a bit more aggressive), which is from 1999, whereas this one is from 2008. And that says a lot. I mean, talking about “commercial” intentions for perfumes is always a slippery topic, but when they hired a hot shot like Antonio Morillas to create Versace Pour Homme For Men, it’s pretty clear what the assignment was: do not take any risk.


Good craftsmen however, leave a trace of their skills even when they make something dull, and in the case of Versace Pour Homme Cologne, the ever-present clean notes are given a smart counterpart in the form of light florals, sharp lemon notes, a vague greenness,  an also vague powdery layer, and I would swear also a couple of sweet notes hidden somewhere.


And in the dry down, it cannot but give up to amber, the great leveller of fresh-aromatic perfumes for men.


If you want to smell good without any fuss, if you leave risk-taking to other areas of your life, if you need it for the office, if you haven’t found anything better yet, but you’re in a rush, then go for it.



Versace Pour Homme Perfume Review

Versace Pour Homme Perfume Review