Vera Wang Princess Review: Shallow With Soul

Vera Wang perfume Princess

Vera Wang Princess perfume Vera Wang for women

Vera Wang Princess is a delicate girl with the gift of vagueness. It has a lively world of emotions and ideas running underneath, and the fact that she’s incapable of expressing them clearly is exactly what makes her lovable.


From the very start there is a prelude to chocolate and it soon develops into a trio of floral + fruity + sweet, all wrapped in a powdery halo. The sweet side is indeed a mix of chocolate and vanilla (not to be redundant, but both of them very vague) and it will be the common thread until the end. It stays almost always quite moderate, although it still could be too much for your taste. Overall it shouldn’t be called gourmand then, unless you mean it in a very dilute way.


And yet, under all this restraint there is a fair amount of complexity. The floral, guava fruit and choco-vanilla trio is fairly dynamic, although they manage to hide most of what is going on. After about 30 minute however, Vera Wang Princess Eau de Parfum seems to speak with more clarity: florals get soapy and the chocolate mix turns out to be very versatile, probably the best asset of the fragrance. 


Sillage and duration are quite poor in this Vera Wang perfume, but this is consistent with the haziness of it all. 

And here is a comparison between Vera Wang Princess vs…


In the first part
Lovestruck has a more definite personality
Princess is super delicate but vague

In the heart notes

The situation is reverse:
L becomes a generic floral with a fruity edge
In P the note of chocolate gives a more marked personality.

Both have no great projection nor duration;
Both are for young women, although L could be suitable for over 25, whereas it would be hard to imagine the same for P.
Both have moments where the florals push fairly hard.

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