Vera Wang Edt For Men Review: Mr Nice Guy

Vera Wang for men Eau De Toilette could be the masculine version of Nina by Nina Ricci. It starts with distinct fruity notes, and spices make their entrance after a couple of minutes.


Although it’s clear that it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I’m there begging fruits not to leave, as in that case Vera Wang Men would become like many other spicy-cleans out there. And they will indeed stay until the end. Spices are a little rough, but the fruits make a good job making the frag gentler, fresher (or less warm) and sweeter (or less smoked).


A note on the fruity side: all the reviews I read mention yuzu, which is a citrus fruit, but I got little or no citrus at all. The effect is rather of a light peach or apricot.


And there are also florals in the mix, but I had to rely on the blotter to spot them. They seem to be the typical ingredient that produces effects in the background, without standing out on its own. The finale is with woods, with still the fruity side pushing in the background, but it’s kinda weak. Longevity could be better.


Vera Wang Vera Wang for men is gentler and less-in-your-face masculine than other spicy frags, that’s nice for a change. On the downside however, it’s maybe too gentle. I mean, for my taste anyway, which goes more towards rough (Black XS) or sophisticated (Declaration) spices. In a way, this one reminded me of Clinique Happy for men: it lacks a bit of masculinity if you ask me, and there’s a chance that it might easily bore you.


Vera Wang Cologne For Men Review By Vera Wang

Vera Wang Cologne For Men Review By Vera Wang