Valentina By Valentino Review: A Green Note On Tuberose’s Nest

Valentino Eau de Parfum Review

Valentino Eau de Parfum for women

Valentina by Valentino is a sweet floral that deserves to be known more. It starts quite powerful with a mix of florals, where tuberose is the queen and will make the air in your nostrils quite dense (you may think it’s rose, but it’s not, although it has the same tendency to thicken the air). And soon you have the sweetness you would expect, but also something more, in the form of a certain sourness. The official notes list wild strawberry, which would actually account for this type of sour.


But it’s not over with this Valentino perfume for women. Between the tuberose, and the sweet and the sour, a semi-bitter green note sneaks in. I don’t know if it’s another floral, or an herb, or just a quality that perfumers Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp gave to tuberose, but it’s like having an odd flower or herb in the most classic of bunches, making Valentina different enough from the rest of the sweet-floral fragrances of the family.


This green tone will slowly replace the sour. Tuberose however, will remain there in full steam, shifting between green – on the verge of aromatic – and velvety, almost oily. So enjoy the fun before you get the classic powdery ending, where Valentina Valentino becomes more similar to other perfumes of the group, with musk balancing the sweetness, and the green note still lurking in the background.


This parfum Valentino is an unexpected character: sexy and luscious enough, but think again before you take her to a fancy restaurant, consider taking her to a shooting range instead.