Tommy Girl Review: Where Does The Line Fall For You?

Perfumes Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Perfumes Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger perfume for women starts with pear, which is light and bright but distinct, mixed with mandarin and orange. It soon adds florals and becomes one of those perfumes for women that play on the line between fruity and floral (like Lalique by Lalique, I Love Love by Moschino, or Especially Escada for example) and with no caramel sweetness thrown in.


And this is where the issue with this perfume Tommy Girl begins: the fruits and the floral sides are just great: the pear (which is not among the notes btw, but this is what sums up the result of whatever mix it is) is fragrant, juicy, ripe and just sweet enough, and the florals are delicate, feminine, and not heady at all. Plus, there is a general greenness that never hurts in a perfume.


But there’s a huge catch I believe, and it all revolves around the fruity side. The thing is, the ripeness can be pretty nauseous, if not counterbalanced by something else like – in this case – florals or citrus notes: too much of these fruits and you may start to hate it in just few hours. But if, on the other hand, the balance is right, this perfume Tommy Hilfiger will be just great.


In my case, on the blotter the florals came out alright, but not enough, and only in the end, whereas on my wrist, three sprays lasted less than four hours and then the perfume just disappeared on me. But the potential is clearly all there, the good and the bad: both the heavenly orchard immersed in flowers, and the fruit-must nightmare.


So here’s the question: where will Tommy Hilfiger Perfume Tommy Girl draw the line for you? You may be part of that army of women who wore it in the past and know perfectly how this will behave on them. But if you’re new to this, let it age for a couple of hours on your skin before you buy it.