Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia Parfum For Women And Men: Fennel, Butter, And A Lot Of OMG

I used to live under the (wrong) assumption that fragrances which are mainly based on one floral can be complex, but tend to be fairly static. Until I tried Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia.


So, where should I start from, top notes maybe? Fennel, that’s what I got: green, fragrant fennel, but with still a floral smell in the background to remind me that I was sitting in a Starbucks and not in my dad’s vegetable garden.  Actually, there is also the typical fresh (but in a kind of disturbing way) chemical smell of white florals, and it’s as if the freshly grated fennels had been dressed with a tablespoon of paint. And what makes this even more amazing is that – for once – both blotter and skin almost completely agreed.


After that, the fragrance takes a break and tries to behave, like any good floral would do, becoming denser with floralcy and only putting forth light peppery notes. And then this parfum Tom Ford gets buttery, and if you ever asked yourself why fennels go so well with butter, that’s because the greenness of the first blends perfectly with the creaminess of the latter.


Get hold of Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford while you can and go nuts: it’s floral, green, smooth, creamy, velvety, perfectly unisex, fresh, warm, dense, one layer on top of the other, of the other, of the other… Why, why was this discontinued?



Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford Perfume Review

Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford Perfume Review