Tom Ford Purple Patchouli Perfume Review: Patchouli In Chains

Purple Patchouli Tom Ford was part of the original lot of the Private Blend collection and it’s been discontinued now, although it can still be found (same destiny of Velvet Gardenia).


What’s this perfume all about and where is patchouli anyway? If you really want to look for it, it’s there, but it’s green, earthy, and mixed with heavy florals, almost undetectable. There is also a vinyl protection (it must be the note of leather that other reviewers felt), which keeps the stinky side of floral under control. At least for the first part, I wouldn’t say that purple is the color of this Tom Ford perfume, but sure it’s dark, a dense thick dark green to be precise.


I got mixed feelings for this parfum Purple Patchouli. It’s a very compact fragrance, where the notes are kept in a dungeon. That applies to patchouli in particular, and only in the end it will be more detectable with a certain degree of creaminess and a color that is finally purple.


For the most part however, it feels like patchouli was harmed in the making of this perfume. Tom Ford, Y U hate patchouli?


Tom Ford Private Blend Purple Patchouli

Tom Ford Private Blend Purple Patchouli