Thierry Mugler Womanity Review: Figs And Caviar For A Perfume Diet

Womanity From Thierry Mugler

Womanity by Thierry Mugler for women

Smelling a Thierry Mugler fragrance has never failed to be an experience so far, including this Womanity parfum. How to create again – 18 years after Angel and 5 after Alien (perfume review) – a fragrance that will help you decide in a second if you love it or hate it?


This  must have been the question, and  the answer is: figs and caviar, supported by fig tree wood in the end. Take a look at this video about the perfume’s structure and extraction’s technique, then come back here for the rest of this Womanity review.


The fig at the start is so intense, sweet and juicy to be almost obnoxious. If you never smelt fig in a fragrance before, then go, run to the perfume shop and spray some of it on a blotter: it’s like a fig soap bar, if the words dense and creamy ever made sense in a perfume, then this is the one, let alone the intensity.


And then there is caviar, which, to be honest, I have no idea what it smells like but – it’s explained at the beginning of the video – it was put there to develop the idea behind the perfume to mix the fruity sweetness with salt, which is actually there in the background.


When the woodsy notes start to develop, they seem to bring the same earthiness of the earthy patchouli of Alien, but the guy in the video is adamant that there’s none in this one. The result however, is that Womanity Thierry Mugler will still smell like fig, but without the gourmand quality of the beginning.


Perfume Womanity won’t fot very well in the standard categories, I’ll put it with the fruity ones, but you already know what it’s at. In any case, it smells wonderfully weird, so between love and hate, I choose to love it.