Dolce And Gabbana The One For Men Review: Suggested Masculinity

The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Review

The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Review

The One By Dolce Gabbana For Men is simple and light, and just like YSL L’Homme, it suggests rather than speaking out loud. It’s not an in your-face masculine, it’s made for intimacy rather than for seduction, it’s subtle, in other words it’s darn good.


The opening is fruity and aromatic, with just a suggestion of spices. The citrus is officially grapefruit, but way less pungent than the real thing, and it goes together with a delicate sweetness that suits generic red fruits. The aromatic side is almost minty, and it remains on the same level of the rest of the notes.


This citrus fruity thing proves to be more than a opening bait for the prospective buyer and stays longer. However, in the space of one hour or so, a slow shift takes place: spices are less than an idea, and they partly neutralize the quiet fruity note. The fragrance is warmer, and a bit less lively. Just like the citrus of the start, the spice is not pungent but rugged.


The fact that spices become more prominent is inevitable I suppose, and makes the balance with the fruity side more difficult to keep. It manages to do it, but – I hate to admit it – I liked The One D&G for men less at this point.


The One is not a perfume masterpiece, but it’s a masterpiece in consistency of direction and personality. Projection is quite short and duration not so long, but again, this is a fragrance for close distances. And women love to wear it as well.


And here you have D&G The One vs…

The One Gentleman

Both are delicate
Both are aromatic
Both have a fruity edge

The One is fruity with a spicy and aromatic edge
The One Gentleman is spicy and aromatic with a fruity edge

TO is more daring
TOG is more classic

The One Gentleman Review