Versace The Dreamer: Moderately Feminine, Reasonably Masculine

Versace The Dreamer

The Dreamer by Versace for men Review

The Dreamer Versace  starts quite sober, with gentle, almost feminine florals, but with a dry note there, which gives a masculine touch.  As it evolves, the dryness reveals itself in a distinct note of amber. Again, think of this with a gentle touch. Think of Cool Water by Davidoff, but with a way less hairy chest, practically shaved. Amber came and went on my blotter, but the balance remained quite stable throughout, with the florals at times more powdery and intense, other times gentler and more feminine.


By all the times I used that word so far, you probably got the hint: the main thing about this Gianni Versace perfume for men is that it has a fairly pronounced feminine side, so much that many consider it unisex.


That makes perfect sense, in spite of the ending, where some feel a load of tobacco, others – like me – feel Mediterranean herbs, yet still with a constant presence of gentle florals. This quality is not to its detriment though, just in case there is some guy out there who reads “unisex” and thinks “feminine.”


I like the bottle of this Versace perfume, I think it does its job very well. If what they wanted was to convey a sense of strength, confidence and love for freedom, I guess they made it.