Terre Hermes Eau De Perfume: Earth, Orange And Barbwire

Hermes Terre Perfume for men is not overpowering. It will stay in the background, but keeping a strong presence. That was the instant review of the Starbucks guy who prepared my tea today, and it couldn’t make more sense (and I love it when these observations come from people who are – supposedly – not perfume experts, nor serial reviewers).


For the first part, Terre perfume is an orange hidden among tree branches, covered with soil, in the humid summer heat. It’s a smoked cloud of rugged spicy and woody notes, interspersed with sweet mild orange. And yet, in a non aggressive way, like a barbwire with rounded thorns, the one you would give to little kids, so that they can play with it without getting hurt.


Along with the things above, you will get the same Hermessence, a common quality I found in all the Hermes perfumes created by Jean-Claude Ellena that I tried so far. It’s something I miss words for, I could try with ripe, velvety and powdery, but they still wouldn’t properly describe what it really is.


Hermes perfume Terre d’Hermes will maintain its light-but-steady presence, with the orange evolving towards a green and slightly damp patchouli. The base is still warm and woody, but with little or no trace of the peppery blunt thorns of the middle notes.


A super-classy perfume you could wear while grocery shopping. Great, great stuff.


Terre D'hermes By Hermes Perfume

Terre D’hermes By Hermes Perfume