Stella By Stella McCartney Review: Rose. Enough Said…

Stella McCartney Pefume For Women

Stella McCartney Pefume For Women

…or not. Perfume Stella McCartney was created in 2003 by Jacques Cavalier (Diesel Fuel For Life Homme, L’Eau d’Issey, Nina Ricci Nina), and it’s centred around a note of rose with very little fluff around it, and this is what it’s like for the most part.


Yet, perfumes like this, with only one main note and little or no evolution, force you to go deep rather than horizontal, when attempting to give a  description, and so here’s the list of adjectives I can think of for this rose: warm, reassuring, deep, feminine, fortified, calm but intense.


 If you like roses but they are not a big deal to you, you can certainly use this as an everyday perfume. If you have a soft spot for roses (and in that case I have to tell you you’re a romantic, sorry), then this becomes a perfume for particular occasions, for moments of low, but well targeted social impact, or for solitary occasions as well, for example, for those so-lame-yet-so-cool moments, when you’ve draped yourself over an armchair reading a book, looking out of the window in a rainy day.


This Stella McCartney Fragrance is for mild-mannered girls who laugh but not too loud, and project a certain reassuring quality around them, and are also mature and wise, enough at least to make you believe that they really are.