Spicebomb By Viktor & Rolf Review: You’re Gonna Piss People Off Wearing This

If you expected a flower bomb from Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, you’d be disappointed, but her brother will walk the talk.


Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf opens with citrus and minty notes, although the balsamic effect is probably a product of the bergamot with the spices. It won’t be long before the spicy bouquet comes out, with different facets spinning around: it’s dirty-peppery and powdery-old. Also, there’s a smell of burnt (not smoked, burnt), body odour, tobacco, leather, and a quite interesting mix of sweet and bitter.  


You may get any of these or none in particular, in my case it was mainly pepper and cinnamon (like the one in Black XS, but without the blood orange). One thing you won’t get however: the clean laundry notes along with the spices, like in Ferrari Black or Versace pour Homme. You will get floral notes, but they will be mostly buried underneath.


And that’s how Viktor Rolf Spicebomb plays with fire: it’s a spicy frag that takes a daring step further, going closer to where intense borders with obnoxious. A pretty bold thing to do for a mainstream fragrance. In the dry down, and after lurking in the background the whole time, vanilla sweet notes finally come out, coupled with a nice cleanness. Again, chances are you may find this too cloying.


If a guy won’t like it, I understand. Girls, if you’re thinking of this as a present for a male friend, don’t be offended if you find the bottle on sale on eBay the following week. It’s nothing to do with you, it’s just that it can be too much for the average male nose.


PS: The credit for the tagline goes to a reviewer at the Fragrantica page for this perfume.



 Viktor Rolf Spicebomb Review

Viktor Rolf Spicebomb Review