Ferragamo Signorina Review: Don’t Play So Innocent, Missy!

Signorina - Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume For Women

Signorina – Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume For Women

Look at the bottle of Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo, and take the hint of the name (which is used in Italian for young, unmarried women) and the rest of the packaging, with its innocent pink color, and the almost childlike ribbon.  And then, when you smell it, be prepared to get something that doesn’t quite add up…


This Salvatore Ferragamo perfume starts with a vague and delicate mix of fruits and florals, with just a little bit of hazy and slightly powdery sweetness. There is also a shy sour side, which feels like orange, but it probably comes from the note of redcurrant.


As it moves towards the heart notes however (after one hour or so), the fruits subside and the florals become greener. They still feel pretty vague to me, but it’s supposed to be a bouquet of rose, peony and lily, and in fact they offer waves of suppressed nasty floralcy here and there. That thing, plus a musky side that also starts to come out, are what gave me the “signorina what?” kind of reaction. It sure still has the character of a good girl, but in a less conventional way.


Towards the dry down, the sweetness of the beginning is almost completely gone, and the fragrance is still quietly floral and powdery. Also, a non-aggressive musk makes it less young, and the base has light vanilla in it.


Don’t get me wrong here, it feels innocent and all to the point that, if you’re looking for a “seducing” fragrance, I wouldn’t bother trying this one. On the other hand though, if you expect a well mannered signorina who always does what it’s expected from her, you might end up being disappointed, and not in a bad way… My only objection would be a certain lack of direction and personality. It seems like there was inspiration and potential in this one, especially in the heart notes, with the musk, the green and the floral, but they didn’t dare give it definite direction.