Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum: Sexy And Restless

I would have sworn this was an old one (the uber-kitsch cap would have looked cool, like, 20 years ago), but it’s actually brand-new and launched in 2012.


Perfume Roberto Cavalli opens fresh, and with a certain minty flavour. It will be fairly unquiet all along, however after a couple of minutes, its structure starts to build up, with sweet notes first, and then it finally settles down to a warm floral, sprinkled with musky notes.


After about 20 minutes of sophisticated musky floralcy, fruity notes unexpectedly come out, with a peachy sweetness, which almost gives out a tropical flavor. Peach is a good girl in the bad company of dark florals, musk and pepper. I wouldn’t call it a fruity-floral though, if the idea you have of it is something upbeat and unsophisticated. This one is warm and complex instead, also because of a spicy peppery side.


Roberto Cavalli Perfume For Women has a fairly clear physiognomy at this point, with four sides: the floral, the musky smudge, the peach and the peppery.  It is, however, still a quite restless fragrance. Like many – but not all – complex perfumes, it tends to toss and turn a lot, and results may vary: when it keeps the perfect balance of its elements it’s just great, deep and rich, but it may as well give more prominence to one of its sides. The most unfavorable of them is probably the musky facet, which in itself can be quite rough and plasticized: if that’s what you mainly get, then you may not like it.


As it dries down, vanilla starts to come in, muffling the notes, and toning down the Roberto Cavalli Fragrance’s voice. In the very end, it will get an interesting dark green background as well. The base notes are when it becomes marilyn-monroe-chanel-No5-quote sexy: from under the clothes to under the sheets. Luscious and warm with no fear and no shame (It’s the perfume speaking, not me, I’m just the messenger…).


Also, it has a good duration, after 16 hours it was still there.



Roberto Cavalli Perfume 2012 Review

Roberto Cavalli Perfume 2012 Review