Ricci Ricci Review: Nina, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

Ricci Ricci perfume For Women Review

Ricci Ricci perfume For Women by Nina Ricci

The cool thing about Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci is that the citrus notes of the start won’t disappear after two minutes, but will stay in the form of bergamot, with its typical piercing freshness, together with delicate, almost pale floral.


The two sides are connected but detectable and have a great balance, btw, so your skin may give out more one or the other in different degrees. 


But wait, it gets better.


After about half an hour, Ricci Ricci Perfume keeps the floral and fresh side, but becomes denser, creamier, slightly sweeter. There are also hints of green herbal notes here and there. Again, all the above has a great balance, and each note is able to take the stage at some point, including the fresh ones, which come out calm but powerful.


Towards the end, there is a moment where Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci seems to give up, exhausted, but then it comes back out again and the florals are assisted by sandalwood (which probably gives the sweetness) and patchouli. And then the end is warm, a bit sweet, creamy, kinda seducing if you will.


Ricci Ricci was created in 2009 by Aurelien Guichard (Nina Ricci Love in Paris, Davidoff Champion, Loud by Tommy Hilfiger) and I have to say I prefer this to Nina, as it seems to have a brighter and quieter personality, although I would agree with those who say that it’s less innocent, especially for the almost gourmand notes in the end.