Fan di Fendi For Women: Urban Cool

Fendi Fan Di Fendi Perfume Review

Fendi Fan Di Fendi Perfume Review

Fan di Fendi opens with a basket of peaches and red fruits, but after a couple of minutes floral notes gradually blend in. It’s rose, or something similar, which adds a thin film of plastic smell, a la Lola by Marc Jacobs. The florals push a bit harder at times, but for the most part it’s hard to spot the line with the fruits. .   


Fan di by Fendi perfume is pretty intense for an EdT, but it still manages to lay on your skin softly. A curious thing I noticed is that, whereas the denser floral side can be mainly felt at skin level, the fruity notes are the ones with more projection. However, they feel lighter, as if they were floating in the air.


Moving towards the base, a layer of woodsy warmth with hints of spices sneaks in. By the end, what you have is a quite different fragrance: it starts in the light of day and ends in the dusk (its day-to-night evolution reminded me of Madly by Kenzo or Hanae Mori Magical Moon), becoming almost floriental in the end.


Fan di Fendi flows in the overcrowded stream of the many fruity-florals launches of this period. Yet, it does so with a delicate and happy touch. It’s an upbeat fragrance that will make you want to hug and be hugged. At the same time however, it won’t play totally innocent. The warm side gives it an edge that makes it suitable for the night.


Congruently, the marketing campaign seems to give the idea of an urban and energetic woman, and the Fan di Fendi commercial song by The Kills is upbeat and hindi enough to be a good match. The lyrics sounded a bit out of place though: they say “I’m bored of cheap and cheerful” but that’s exactly what the perfume is.