Obsession By Calvin Klein For Men: What Are You Doing Here?

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Review

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Review

Believe those who say it’s quite aggressive, but don’t be scared: everything is perfectly balanced and polished in this one. It will hit you as a firm caress, rather than a punch: it might still hurt, but your nose won’t bleed.


Calvin Klein Obsession for men Eau de Toilette starts timid, with a powdery talcum halo all around, and then it grows spicy and even bitter at times, although with a backbone of clean amber. There are dense florals in the mix, but they’re soaked in resins, incense, woods and spices, with almost a boozy effect at times.


In the final (more interesting) part, spices subside a little and the perfume lets out an aromatic pine-tree smell, skillfully combined with (I believe) nutmeg.


Obsession for men is quite good, but the word “conventional” kept on popping in my head, especially in the spicy part. That is partially negative, partially not. On the positive side, it’s an ultra-reliable fragrance, it won’t miss a shot and – unless you over-spray it – will garner loads of compliments. But… man, it’s more than 25 years old and it shows. It gave me an odd feeling, as if it shouldn’t be here…