Narciso Rodriguez For Him Edt: Alive With Ominous Darkness

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Fragrance Review

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Fragrance Review

The opening of For Him by Narciso Rodriguez is a boiling cauldron. It reminded me of Opium by YSL, not for the notes but for the warm life that emanates from them.


Someone would call it death though, and they wouldn’t be wrong. This Narciso Rodriguez is not for any him, the opening is strong enough to scare away the nose that is too comfortable with spicy clean masculine that “smell so good.”


For Him doesn’t, indeed it’s viciously unpleasant and highly contradictory: sweet and bitter, clean with a dirty side, alive but with an ominous darkness all around. Patchouli, the plant that really wanted to be a fruit, is what makes the dark magic possible here. Its pulpy sweetness mixes with clean amber and animalic musk, making it dense, almost oily and with an illusion of spices.


All the above won’t last forever though: in less than an hour Narciso Rodriguez For Him Eau De Toilette will start its ascent towards normality. First the pulpy side recedes, making the perfume feel drier, and then the general intensity and complexity goes down a couple of notches. The dry down is low but steady, patchouli is gone and woods come out more, bringing a suffused warmth.


The first part of Narciso Rodriguez for men will make or break the deal (for me, it definitely made it). It has the same borderline personality of Spicebomb but with less spices and more sophistication. In spite of the loss of extra-ordinarity in the second part, it still remains way above the average of the rest of the clean spicy masculine out there, showing that men are not doomed to perfume conformity. It can be suitable for the office, but I wouldn’t guarantee on its reception.