Prada Amber Pour Homme Review: Let’s Double It

Prada fragrance Amber Review

Prada Amber Perfume For Men

This Prada Perfume For Men was a typical case where paper and skin gave two very different responses, two different experiences, so here are two different reviews of the same fragrance, without saying too much about which one was on paper and which one on the skin.


Let’s start with the one I liked the better. That was rich and complex, very hard to figure out a definite direction. The beginning was quite dynamic, and when all the notes settled down it felt citrus and clean, with a light cardamom in the background. And then amber came in with woods. As it evolved, this Prada Parfum lost a bit of complexity, and the presence of amber made it closer to Cool Water (with all due respect to Prada’s poshness), although way more complex. Let’s say that the same in-your-face masculinity is there, but more sophisticated and, of course, much warmer.


At a more advanced stage of the middle notes, amber was still there, but it became fairly powdery, probably thanks to vanilla and incense (read: resin). In the dry down, after several amber was still there, a bit weaker, more alone (some woodsy notes kept it company, quietly), but still holding the fort. After even more hours, a soft, great old-fashioned woody + spicy accord was left.


And what about the second test for Prada Fragrance? Well, the second review will be pretty quick: amber took over so much that – at least for the most part – if they had blindfolded me I would have said it was Cool Water in the dry down. All the complexity gone, only, in the end, woods combined with amber a little. But don’t get me wrong, I love amber and I love Cool Water. I just missed the complexity of the first round.


In both cases, this is will be a perfume that men with at least thirty springs on their back should wear in the cold season.