Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport Review: Was It Really Necessary?

Polo Blue Sport Review

Polo Blue Sport for men

I should be ashamed to find that out just now that Polo by Ralph Lauren has so many flankers it’s almost ridiculous. So I was wandering through the isles of the perfume shop, wondering which one I should pick, and I went for this one: the brand new Polo Blue Sport.


And it was a bad choice. I can’t claim to know the others, but this one really doesn’t seem the most representative. It has the typical flat bottle of the Polo line and is NOT to be confused with Polo Sport, which is from 1994 and is circular-shaped.


Polo Blue Sport is interesting at the start, when the spices are strong and give an unpleasant but interesting body odour twist, contrasted and balanced by orange. All that however, is very subdued and well hidden, and it’s the only thing that makes this fragrance stand out from any other try-one-try-them-all fresh aromatic fragrance. Which is exactly what Polo Blue Sport will become, as it goes more into the heart notes and then the dry down. The spices are less present and blend with the laundry notes in the most conventional way.


Seriously, I could have made this one myself, it makes Prada cologne Luna Rossa look like an outstanding fragrance in comparison.