Perfume Categories – Fragrance Families

There are many ways to define perfume categories types, and probably none of them is the ultimate one.

Although you have very illustrious classifications like The Fragrance Wheel by Michael Edwards, or the one used by Fragrantica,  I decided to come up with my own. I definitely used Fragrantica as source and mode, but I tried to make it simpler, by chancing some things and removing others.

So here you have four basic perfume categories and sixteen sub-categories.



Aromatic fragrances are mainly for men, and are based on ingredients like Mediterranean herbs, anise, or green stuff in general. If you you’re not too keen on wearing spicy notes that can scratch,

Aromatic aquatic perfumes. In this fragrance familt, the aromas are floating (sometimes drowning) in notes of water. Needless to say: they’re fresh. Most notable examples are Kenzo Homme and Cool Water.

Citrus aromatic perfumes. Also quite fresh, but with a notable presence of lemon or orange notes, which sometimes are sweet, sometimes more sour. If you want to have a good idea, think of Armani Acqua di Gio and CK One.

Aromatic fougere perfumes.

Floral & Fruity


    Dense Floral
    Light Floral
    Sweet floral

    Warm floral    


Oriental & Spicy

    Fresh spicy   

Oriental floral.  Also known as Floriental

    Oriental spicy
    Oriental vanilla




    Woody aromatic perfumes
    Woody leather
    Woody spicy