Very Irresistible Givenchy: Good Girl By Day, Cold Bitch By Night

Some feel the fruits in this one, many don’t, but I did, big time: a cloud of sweet fruit notes if you ask me, and right out of the box. I’d say litchi or strawberry, plus pepper. In other words, quite similar to Nina and Delices by Cartier. That’s why I found the first part Very Resistible indeed, as these are not my favorite types of perfumes.


To sum up the start, Perfume Irresistible Givenchy has hazy fruity and sweet notes. Although it’s not excessively sweet, it’s quite sugary, so if you find it cloying I’m in sympathy with you.  Anyway, I’m making it sound bad, while it’s not, and it gets better with time. Especially on the blotter, there are sour citrus notes popping out as well, with almost an astringent quality (berries herbal tea, anyone?).


A little bit further down the road, Very Irresistible is less sweet, and musk comes to rescue smudging those young and innocent notes with earthy and almost dirty ones. What about the florals> It looks like Givenchy forgot about them. By the notes description, this one look like a rose powerhouse, but I just couldn’t find any. In the first part, there’s probably something but it’s weighed down by the sweet notes. And when it grows less sweet, florals are definitely there, but all quite generic.


The dry down of Very Irresistible Fragrance is the best part, It’s surprising, quite different from what came before: the musk of the heart notes is gone, but there’s no jump on the sweet and warm vanilla/patchouli bandwagon. Although still with indefinite fruity and florals in the background, the blotter gives out a bitter and dry aroma, something between mint and sage, quite close to anise, but less stinging than in some perfumes for men like Diesel Fuel For Life or Must de Cartier pour Homme.


Very Irresistible Eau De Parfum is a good girl by day, well-mannered and with a sparkling smile, and a cold and detached bitch by night. It’s a picnic in the park with rain in the end: you may not like all of it, but sure you’ll remember how it ended.



Very Irresistible Perfume Review

Very Irresistible Perfume Review