Prada Amber Review: Patchouli Is Greener On Prada’s Side


With this Parfum Prada By Prada under the nose, Angel by Thierry Mugler comes easily to mind (here is a more detailed comparison between the two): although they’re not the same, they’re not light years apart either.


Prada Perfumes

Prada Amber For Women Perfume

Just so you know from the start: this is a sweet one, where patchouli and vanilla-honey notes get together to create a thick sweet layer that won’t go unnoticed, even with a very light hand on the spray. There is of course more stuff in it, like a good bunch of florals, but they’re there mainly to give more depth and complexity, rather than standing out as separate notes.


But it’s not only grab-your-spoon sweetness that this Prada Eau de Parfum has to offer. It’s probably the type of patchouli, but there is a clear feeling of freshly-cut grass around this fragrance, which makes it different from Angel, and – IMHO – more bearable.


As time passes, the green grass leaves place to drier, earthier notes, although the herbal side will still be there, even after 24 hours on paper. It’s only in the very end, when the florals are exhausted, that they let musk and vanilla in. The result is still a sweet fragrance, but in a different way, more relaxed.


If you’re into fragrances with a fairly aggressive sweetness, and maybe you tried Angel before, and thought it was just “too much” for you, then I would recommend this one. You’ll love the grass smell.