Pink Victoria Secret For Women Review: Sexy ‘n Sour

Victoria's Secret Perfume Pink Review

Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfume For Women

Pink is not really the word that comes to mind with this Victoria’s Secret perfume. It’s light and breezy, almost ozonic at the start, but it soon settles down to a bright and intense floral. Overall it feels quite natural with a certain sourness that makes it the opposite of pink.


And among the sour notes there’s sweetness coming up, and that’s when things get a bit sexy, in a subtle way. And although sexiness is in the nose of the smeller (or so they say), it’s the one I personally prefer, like the one in Romance by Ralph Lauren and Baby Doll by YSL.


There is a caveat though: the sweet notes might not come out at all. The thing is, they are quite subtle, almost disguised, and have to fight against a pretty tough sour side. So if they do come out enough, you got yourself a nice sexy treat. But it won’t be only the sweet side that makes this a sexy thing, it will be the floralcy, the intensity, the sourness, and even certain spiciness. They altogether give an addictive quality, something that makes your nose want to come back for more.


However, it could also be that all you get is a too natural-smelling floral scent, good for your balcony, or as an air freshener, but not to wear on you. The best thing with this Victoria Secret perfume is to try it on the skin. On myself, for example, it had mixed results, shifting from the sexy to the sour and back.