Perfume Paloma Picasso Review: A Bitter Camphor Bomb

Paloma Picasso Perfume For Women

Paloma Picasso Perfume For Women

This Paloma Picasso Parfum won’t give you a break from the start: it’s dense, thick, sensual, with incense and florals (rose, ylang-ylang, hyacinth) that will make you go East, fully oriental. One spray will go a long way, and then some.


The strong camphor reminds of Opium by YSL, but it’s more hardcore, which means that if you like that one you won’t necessarily like this one. What gives this Picasso Perfume an even more particular twist (in case it needed one) however, is a bitter note in the background, which comes out almost immediately. It’s not the most prominent, but something you should remember when you apply it on your skin as it may behave in unexpected ways, although not necessarily bad.


It will take hours to this perfume to calm down a little, and if you get to feel the base note on your skin (but you may have to stay away from the shower for more than 24 hours), you will have soapy florals with sandalwood.


Paloma Picasso Eau De Parfum is from 1984 and was the first one by the daughter of the painter. If you like big, thick, intense, dense, powerful (I’m running out of adjectives, seriously) fragrances, then try this. It still could be too much for you, but if  you decide you like it, and you’re not too young, then range of occasions when you could wear this would be so restricted, that I would be tempted to say: be obnoxious, wear it everywhere, as long as it’s winter.