Gucci By Gucci: A Sophisticated Touch In Semi-Darkness

Gucci By Gucci Fragrance For Women was created by Ilias Ermenidis (Vera Wang Princess) and launched in 2007. It is a fruity fragrance, however you can forget about spring and fresh and think fall and dark. Or semi-dark actually, with a good amount of warm sweetness.


The fruits in the opening are in the line of pear, but it’s ripe, not juicy, and it’s mixed with a sweet patchouli and other semi-sweet florals (nothing like rose or other strong stuff of course).  As it evolves, Gucci By Gucci Edp will become sweeter, with honey notes coming out. However, here and there a fresher side will show up, as it manages to pierce the fairly warm barrier, raised by vigilant musk, patchouli, and honey.


The freshness seems to come from citrus notes, but it sometimes gets more chemical, in a way that reminds of ylang-ylang, although it’s not included in the notes. The continuation is slightly powdery, whereas sweetness  is supposed to come from honey, but I couldn’t feel it TBH. All in all it’s quite controlled.


Gucci By Gucci Perfume For Women is sophisticated without being too overpowering – if you don’t over-spray it – and will make you feel like dimming the lights and speaking in a softer tone. The color of the glass of the bottle gives this idea quite well. It’s a good thing that it was not loaded with heavy florals, which would have made it too similar to a softer version of Opium. In this way, there is still space for softer notes. Its measured warmth makes it indeed lean somehow towards the masculine side a little. Also, it’s multi-faceted (like I Love Love by Moschino for example), so it’s a lot of fun.


Not for young women, over thirty is better. Maybe too dark and sophisticated for work, but it’s kind of on the verge, so it could be good.



Gucci By Gucci Perfume Review