Perfume Diesel Only The Brave Review: (Y*PCPH)²

Fourth Diesel fragrance for men and fifth overall reviewed here. With Diesel Only The Brave perfume they decided to go less cold and citrusy than in Fuel For Life, and going down the sweet road instead.


The opening is indeed quite fresh, with orange and mandarin but the fragrance soon becomes sweet, although in a non-powdery way, also adding clean florals. It goes on blending in green and aromatic notes, and amber as well, but they are all sort of obfuscated by, and wrapped into, a cloud of sweet notes, which is small and hazy, not at all cloying, but resistant nonetheless (are these the leather notes that many seem to feel in here?).


Sometimes however, the secondary notes manage to pierce the mist of sweet notes, and it’s like having a young version of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme made younger and elevated square (hence the formula in the title). The finale veers slightly towards vanilla and couldn’t be more unisex.


Diesel Only The Brave cologne has a mellow character. It’s clearly targeted to young men, and the intention is to be easy on women’s noses. And that cannot be bad, can it? I think it clashes a little with the name and the great-looking bottle in the shape of a closed fist, but probably I’m looking at the concept of bravery from a different (I mean, older) perspective.


Personally Diesel Perfume Only The Brave wouldn’t be my cup of tea but that’s just for the date of birth showing on my ID. With a couple of years less, let’s say between 18 and 25, I would give it a shot.


Only The Brave By Diesel Review

Only The Brave By Diesel Review