Agent Provocateur Maitresse Review: Domination, Anyone?

Maitresse Perfume For Women By Agent Provocateur

Maitresse Perfume For Women By Agent Provocateur

The British inciting agents of Agent Provocateur kept up to their name with this Maitresse perfume (one of the two founders of the company is Vivienne Westwood’s son btw, thanks Wikipedia), which was launched in 2007 and created by Christian Provenzano.


Title bait aside, I’m not sure if this is a fragrance a maitresse would wear, but sure it’s at least quite lavishing. The mix of the florals is what strikes me the most in this Agent Provocateur Perfume: it may feel a mono-rose at first whiff, a kind of sluttier version of Stella McCartney’s Stella perfume, but after a closer smell it’s a lot of fun: it’s slightly acid, boozy, sweet, and of course dense, all with a very good balance, thanks to a complex bouquet that includes rose and ylang-ylang. As it develops, time will round off corners, and in the base notes you’ll be left with a much quieter fragrance, although the attitude is still there.


Sexy? Yes, Agent Provocateur Parfum Maitresse gets the job done without using the power of powdery (like Naughty Alice or Black XS for example), only using the power of florals.


But, in spite of the name – and although the intensity and depth of the florals won’t be at ease in just any scenario – you don’t have to be (or to want to be) a femme fatale to wear this.  Also because (again, in spite of the name) we could almost say it’s sensuous but in a sober way, like a dominatrix who says please before attaching the leash to your neck.