Paul Smith Perfume Optimistic For Him Review: A Safe Foursome

Paul Smith Optimistic For Him won’t be the most original nor the deepest, nor the most sophisticated fragrance, but it’s quite pleasant overall. It first came out in 2011 with the version for Her, both created by Francoise Caron (Hermes Eau D`Orange Verte, Rock’n Rose by Valentino among the others).


The opening is very fresh, almost cold. It’s just a generic freshness at first, but then all the layers will start to gradually come out: at first light sweet notes, and a not-too sour mandarin. And then come light unisex florals with also aromatic green notes, which make it a bit more interesting. It feels like a sort of sweeter version of Lacoste Essential Sport.


So there you have: your popular and safe four-piece formula of many aromatic perfumes for men: citrus + floral + sweet + aromatic. The sweetness is more prominent, whereas the florals seem to remain in the background. On my skin it came out more aromatic, whereas on the blotter the freshness was higher. It is quite similar to Diesel Only The Brave, and although both are too sweet for my taste, I would personally prefer Optimistic as the citrus seem to be more present.


It’s possibly the most unisex fragrance I have sampled so far, at least until the end, when amber and the classic masculine clean smell start to appear, sweet notes step aside, and the fragrance is pulled more towards the masculine side.


As I said, this Paul Smith Optimistic For Men won’t be the most original thing on this earth. However, they managed to make it as little dull as possible. It will be great right after the shower, for informal occasions, and the word optimistic won’t be totally inappropriate If this is the very first perfume for men you’re sampling or if you have a couple of bottles behind you but this category has not fallen from grace with you, you may want to give it a try.


Paul Smith Optimistic Review

Paul Smith Optimistic Review