La Nuit De L’Homme by YSL: Not All Nights Are Heavy

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme Cologne Review

YSL La Nuit perfume is one of the many examples of how a fragrance can take the unpleasant and make it pleasant, by keeping it unpleasant, with the  unpleasant in this case – but only to some extent – being the spices.   Until the dry down, La Nuit De L’homme revolves around three main set of notes: spicy, clean floral and citrus:  the spicy side should be cardamom, although it feels more like ginger, as it’s quite rugged and […] Read more »

Gucci By Gucci Fragrance For Women was created by Ilias Ermenidis (Vera Wang Princess) and launched in 2007. It is a fruity fragrance, however you can forget about spring and fresh and think fall and dark. Or semi-dark actually, with a good amount of warm sweetness.   The fruits in the opening are in the line of pear, but it’s ripe, not juicy, and it’s mixed with a sweet patchouli and other semi-sweet florals (nothing like rose or other strong […] Read more »

Givenchy Parfums

After Amarige,  with Ysatis it’s ylang-ylang again, with the chemical smell you wouldn’t expect from a flower. However, whereas in Amarige it was more a in-your-face kind of thing, here it takes a sour twist. So now you have the sour and the chemical, with an intense attitude: so – as for Amarige – it’s OK if you don’t like it, really.   After a couple of hours on the blotter, the change: the sour ylang ylang is less despotic […] Read more »

Lady Gaga Perfume Review

Blessed by a total lack of anticipation for the launch of Lady Gaga’s first perfume Fame, I let serendipity do the job. I was going for Madly by Kenzo, but I sprayed this one instead.   It starts fruity, something between red fruits and pears, with pulp (it’s apricot, actually), but not too much. After not too long, a spice timidly comes out, and a light sweet side is added to it. Both parts are quite light, and are mounted […] Read more »

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme Review

This Intense version of Gucci Guilty perfume for men starts citrusy with – I would say – red orange, and that will remain one of the main notes of this fragrance, thanks to the fact that my skin didn’t destroy it. The result however, is warm rather than fresh, prelude to the common quality of a diffused darkness just like in Gucci by Gucci for women. The fragrance then adds some herbs and gentle florals to the citrus, and the […] Read more »

Perfume Dune For Men is fresh, but more complex than the average. The opening is light and bright with not-too-sour stuff like mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. Aromatic notes however soon mix in, with basil and/or rosemary, and probably some light non-feminine florals in the background.   But it’s not Mediterranean, mind, a la Acqua di Gio or Versense, it’s closer to Dior Homme Sport, but less bitter. And the fun continues with the intervention of greener tones of grass and […] Read more »

Perfume Lola By Marc Jacobs Review

After Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, another variation (indeed, the oldest one of the three, as it was launched in 2009) of the green fruity floral theme by Marc Jacobs, this time leaning towards rose.   Right off the bat it’s a juicy and fragrant pear wrapped in a vinyl rose layer, which smells similar to the flowers on top of the bottle. In the first part there’s a secondary note of citrus as well, which soon disappears, as […] Read more »

antidote perfume review

I was wandering amidst the perfume shelves at Debenhams, after elegantly dodging a SA who wanted to spray some Dot by Marc Jacobs on me (I tried it already, I said, it’s very good, very much in the style of Marc Jacobs, do you like it? I asked. Yes, she said, it’s fruity floral, and walked off), but I was completely uninspired. Until I stumbled upon Antidote perfume by Viktor and Rolf.   Long story short: I smelled it and […] Read more »