Escape For Men: I Hereby Declare Its Floralness

Escape Perfume For Men Review By Calvin Klein

Escape cologne for men by Calvin Klein opens citrus, fruity and herbal, but with a quality that makes it different from the other fresh aromatic out there, thanks to a nice dose of floral notes. I say this in an act of bravery, as among the about fifty users reviews down at Fragrantica there was only one single reference to florals.   The thing is (more display of bravery coming ), not only florals are there in a soft, clean, […] Read more »

Review Of DKNY Pure Perfume

Pure Perfume By DKNY is a light, transparent thing, where florals float in aquatic notes and are wrapped in a green cloud, which even comes out as balsamic at times.   In the heart notes it becomes less aquatic and a light musky warmth comes in. It’s like a version of Narciso Rodriguez for Her with one third of the intensity. In all fairness though, it’s easy to be dismissive with non aggressive personalities. There is more complexity in there, […] Read more »

212 Vip Men Carolina Herrera For Men

When it comes to writing the content for a review, I have two basic rules: a) not to use too many comparisons with other perfumes; b) try to make it different from the previous ones. The reason behind rule a) is that, if I described a perfume with constant comparisons with another, and you don’t know second one, what you read is completely useless to you. And the reason behind rule b) is that  – at least in principle – […] Read more »

Paul Smith Optimistic Review

Paul Smith Optimistic For Him won’t be the most original nor the deepest, nor the most sophisticated fragrance, but it’s quite pleasant overall. It first came out in 2011 with the version for Her, both created by Francoise Caron (Hermes Eau D`Orange Verte, Rock’n Rose by Valentino among the others).   The opening is very fresh, almost cold. It’s just a generic freshness at first, but then all the layers will start to gradually come out: at first light sweet […] Read more »

Vera Wang Cologne For Men Review By Vera Wang

Vera Wang for men Eau De Toilette could be the masculine version of Nina by Nina Ricci. It starts with distinct fruity notes, and spices make their entrance after a couple of minutes.   Although it’s clear that it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I’m there begging fruits not to leave, as in that case Vera Wang Men would become like many other spicy-cleans out there. And they will indeed stay until the end. Spices are a little rough, […] Read more »

Chanel Allure Pour Homme Review

Another day another classic: Chanel Allure Eau De Toilette. Right out of the spray, it smells classy and masculine, clean and warm. There are woods to the foreground, with a nice support from spices – which don’t scratch, but make it warmer – and a hint of aromatic bitterness.   That aromatic side, with its green and moist tones, is indeed the best of the ancillary notes at this initial stage, but then, after a couple of minutes Allure Chanel […] Read more »

D&G Pour Homme Review

Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme opens with a quite fragrant lemon, which makes it very Mediterranean right off the box, but then it follows the same fate of Hugo Boss Bottled Night: there is some good will in the formula with herbs and woods, but they end up buried under a hefty dose of detergent smell.   Although it won’t go all the way into a swamp of dihydromyrcenol, lemon will lose its virginity and start to smell a tad chemical […] Read more »

Boss Bottled Night Eau De Toilette

Are Hugo Boss perfumes really “the deepest pit of hell” as Chandler Burr calls them in his The Perfect Scent?  I opened the lid to see what fetid vapours I would find, and I came out of the experience unscathed, although, I have to admit, not really impressed.   Bottled Night Hugo Boss starts with citrus, fruity and slightly sweet notes, which soon turn out to be a very fragrant lemon. They could  – and should  – have lasted more, […] Read more »