Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Could Be Your Daddy

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Review

This Paco Rabanne perfume was the first one for men by Paco Rabane in 1973 (created by Jean Martel) and although it smells classic and old, it still deserves a place in the market.


It’s straightforward since the very opening, and will smell of shaving foam without being a shaving foam. We’re talking about minty notes, rosemary and some lavender in the background. Clean, simple, unsophisticated. In the heart notes, the shaving foam effect and the herbs will subside, leaving more lavender and a soft floral note of geranium to take the lead.


The ending retains the main aroma of the beginning, managing to smell the same, yet different. Slowly and gradually, as the perfume evolves, the stinging freshness of the opening becomes slightly sweet – there’s honey in the base notes, but to me it’s almost imperceptible – with also amber and musk.


Really cool perfume indeed, this Pacorabanne, but understand that 1973 was a long time ago, and that the occasions where you can wear this comfortably are kind of restricted now.  If you are at least 30, don’t be afraid to go social, after all, smelling blatantly clean is not illegal (yet), but try to limit this to very normal situations, like visiting your auntie, or going out with your best friends, or maybe in the office, especially if the average age is not too low.


By no means however, use this to impress a lady, unless you’re 50 and she’s not far from that age either, or unless she would like you to smell like her daddy. De gustibus…