Paco Rabanne Black XS For Her Review: Inexcessive

Parfum Black XS For Women

Black XS Parfume For Women Paco Rabanne

Black XS For Her is spicy and sweet like the one for men, but with a very different personality: where the masculine has a warm and almost intrusive spiciness, this one has a subdued peppery side.


At the start, sweetness is mainly fruity – the opening has a light bubble-gum flavour – and then it gradually switches to vanilla. It has a cloying potential, but the gourmand frequencies are cut down by pepper. This stage  is not distinctly feminine, if you ask me, but then the addition florals and extra vanilla in the heart notes helps define the territory. However, overall it keeps a low profile all the time, with the spices and the sweetness keeping a tight core and not letting much else come out.


Black Xs For Women is a nice fragrance for the night time, with really nothing excessive about it. It’s sexy enough, but unless you spray a lot of it, it will likely be felt at skin level only (not always a bad thing though). I suppose the end is with more vanilla, but I’m not sure, as the generous quantity that I sprayed became undetectable to human nose after less than five hours.