Nina Ricci Premier Jour Review: If Goodness Of Heart Had A Smell…

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau De Parfum Review

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau De Parfum for women

…it would be like Premier Jour. I love Premier Jour Nina Ricci perfume for the same reasons why I hate Flowerbomb, but with opposite signs.


The opening was quite floral and dense, it felt like rose at first (but there’s none in the notes), and just when I thought I was in for a heady ride, the perfume toned down. The florals are quite generic at this stage, and although the intensity is fairly low, there seem to be dense and powdery flowers with a peppery side, together with soapy ones. Premier Jour will eventually add fruity notes in the background, although it remains mainly floral.


The nature of the mix so far is where the title tag comes from, and it shows how pleasant a non-sweet fruity floral mix can be. I really wonder why this fragrance is hard to find in perfume shops. If the space for Nina Ricci perfumes for women on the shelf is limited to two or three, they should sell this instead of Nina.


Indeed, it’s more metallic on my skin, but I’m starting to think I’m like King Midas of perfumes, except that I turn them into tin. The final will be slightly musky, but keeping the floral side up. Nina Ricci Jour parfum is dense, fruity at times, prone to freshness, and inherently gentle. Wear it only if you are exactly like that.