Moschino I Love Love Review: Love Is A Lot Of Fun

Moschino I Love Love Review

Moschino I Love Love fir women

I Loved this one (capital L), what I don’t love is when Sales Assistants call it mosheeno: it’s MosKIno, ladies OK?


The beginning is fruity, something in the line of peach, but with no added sugar. And then the fun begins, because this Parfum Moschino changes, and then changes again, then turns sideways, and resumes from the start. It shows non-intense, non-soapy floral notes, and then citrusy notes in the line of mandarin and orange and even, at some point, green herbals, like rosemary, basil or something of that sort.


And then it’s fruity again…


The notion of top, heart and base notes really won’t apply here, unless you want to see them in quick, random succession, which makes this perfume a lot of fun. All you have to do is averting your nose for a minute to smell something different all the time.


pyramid of notes no longer a reference in perfumery


Moschino I Love Love was created by Oliver Cresp in 2004, and it’s part of the Chip And Chic family, with the typical Olive Oyl-shaped bottle. If you have the young-inside, sparkling personality that fits this one, then please wear it everywhere, the humanity will be infinitely grateful to you.