Moschino Forever For Men: Pulling Anise Out Of Hat

Forever By Moschino starts clean and citrus, like any good men’s cologne would do. If you’re looking for an aromatic fougere, the main reason why you would choose this is if the sales assistant sprays it on you before you have the chance to take a look at the other colognes in the same category.


But – and thankfully – there seems to be something else other than a mind-numbing conformity in this fragrance, and it comes in the form of an anise note, which cuts through the it-smells-so-good type of notes, giving a bit more depth and complexity. The tone is herbaceous, earthy and slightly bitter, even balsamic at times and will go on for a while, with a fairly lively intensity, until the expected base notes come, warm and woody. The feeling I got however, is that it’s all quite subtle and under the radar, not necessarily noticeable at a first sniff.


The fragrance does one aromatic trick and does it quite well, although chances are that it will be so swift and subtle that you will hardly notice. In that case, Moschino Forever Eau De Toilette is a good-smelling fragrance for men, more aromatic than spicy. Women hopelessly sniffing perfumes for men for their significant others are welcome to fall for it.


Moschino Forever Fragrance Review

Moschino Forever Review