Miracle Perfume By Lancome: The Anti-Naughty

If I thought that Miss Dior Cherie was a good girl, that’s because I never met perfume Miracle by Lancome Paris. The opening extends for a good one or two hours, and it’s sweet and delicate: half fruity, with a bubbly gummy strawberry (well, it’s litchi actually), half with florals that feel quite generic, and it’s fresh and clean. I know it’s not elegant to make fun of a good girl, but one could say that it feels like shower gel.


The second part is where skin and paper part ways. On paper, it becomes more floral and soapier and loses the strawberry chewing gum, which was the part – I realised when it was gone – that gave the shower gel effect. It’s a good thing that it disappeared, as something didn’t quite add up there. It gave a teenage attitude, which is not a problem in other perfumes like Paris Hilton Heiress, or Britney Spears Curious, but in this case it felt somehow inappropriate for the rest of the notes.


Anyway, the skin got more interesting stuff to say. Strawberry left from there as well, and an herbal note came out. It’s the typical bitter tone you would find in fresh aromatic perfumes for men, and although it felt quite green, it’s probably ginger. The perfume will keep its real self secret, and you won’t know if it’s mainly fruity or floral, except maybe in the dry down, where florals will come out more, plus, musk and amber will give a hint.


This Miracle fragrance will hold on to your skin more than you will expect. Especially if you won’t get the green bitter herbal note, it will be a gentle, delicate perfume, with a quiet character and a placid smile. Indeed, so gentle that some of you may find it irritating.



Lancome Miracle Perfume Review

Lancome Miracle Perfume Review