Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume Review: Thanks For All The Fun

Very Hollywood by Michael Kors starts, hmm, hard to describe, let’s say there’s a herbal green, plus a spice, plus red fruits. And then it produced a note of tea, so blatant, that I was very surprised not to find it in any review. Although there is half teaspoon of sugar in it, tea is tea, and its bitterness is something you have to love or leave.


Both skin and paper will eventually produce a dense, quite animalic  floral, but on the skin, the tea note will linger a bit longer before starting the transition. On the blotter on the other hand, it will move faster, veering towards herbal tea with florals at first, and then entering a fruity phase, becoming closer and closer to a fruit smoothie (banana and pear) blended with green notes. This fruity side can be felt on the skin as well, but quite far in the background.


After about two hours, the green notes will be what bring skin and paper together, and that’s the final step before the florals enter.  The fruity smoothie is gone at this point, and jasmine and ylang ylang make it sourer on one side (paper) and more animalic on the other (skin).  The dry down is fruity rather than floral, with little or no musk.


That was a somehow hectic description, but perfume Hollywood Michael Kors changed a lot and changed fast. There’s a lot of evolution and even if you don’t get all of the tea, the herbal tea and the fruit smoothie, the floral side is sour and animalic, but all in all not too aggressive and offers a nice blend with what is left of the fruits and the green notes.


Not glamorous as the name and the ad want to suggest, but really good fun to sample, and it’s a pity that it tends to receive negative reviews, but I guess that, just like colleagues at work, fun and incompetent is often better than perfect but dull.


Perfume Hollywood by Michael Kors

Perfume Hollywood by Michael Kors