Marc Jacobs Men Review: Surprisingly, Possibly Sexy

Marc Jacobs Men perfume starts creamy and citrusy, and you already know that spices are going to come, just like in Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman. When they do however, they will be gentle and mix politely with the other notes. There you have a triangle with smooth cardamom, a creamy side with a light and attractive sweetness, and some neutral florals, which indeed remain a bit in a corner.


The sweet side in this Marc Jacobs cologne for men is slightly addictive, and it’s something I didn’t find many times in masculine fragrances of the same spicy – fresh family, where they would normally choose the clean or the spicy side and thrive.


The blotter tells a different story: spices are more prominent and feel clean rather than rugged; florals are also stronger, and there certainly are woods.


Back to the skin however, it all turns out to be just a stage, and after 45-60 minutes the spices will grow more present, with a burnt and slightly rubbery inclination. Also, the the woods make them feel close to coffee at times (or maybe it’s because I’m writing this at Starbucks).


And then, another change: it grows green, tree-green, like my beloved Oxygene by Lanvin, but with more warm woods. And the floral creamy side is still there, way more prominent on the blotter.


Marc Jacobs Men EDT was a pleasant surprise. It leans more towards the day, but if your skin can make the creamy notes stand out, with their sweet-sour-clean interplay of notes, then the result can be surprisingly sexy.


Marc Jacobs Perfume For Men

Marc Jacobs Perfume For Men