Marc Jacobs Lola Review: Plastic And Pears

Perfume Lola By Marc Jacobs Review

Perfume Lola By Marc Jacobs for women

After Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, another variation (indeed, the oldest one of the three, as it was launched in 2009) of the green fruity floral theme by Marc Jacobs, this time leaning towards rose.


Right off the bat it’s a juicy and fragrant pear wrapped in a vinyl rose layer, which smells similar to the flowers on top of the bottle. In the first part there’s a secondary note of citrus as well, which soon disappears, as fatter and denser floral notes grow more prominent.


Overall however, the fruity side never recedes too much, and there’s even room for a vague vanilla sweet feeling. In the dry-down, when rose-pear leaves, the green side, until now quietly in a corner, comes out in full, and mixes with vanilla, making it unripe.


Lola Perfume By Marc Jacobs is a happy and uplifting fragrance for women who are young in age and/or spirit, with just a hint of darkness in the form of ripe fruits, as the colors of the bottle rightly suggest. It reminded me of Ralph Lauren Romance for its being sexy without really trying.