Marc Jacobs Dot Review: Red And Green With Attitude

Dot By Marc Jacobs Perfume Review

Dot By Marc Jacobs Perfume for women

This is a brand new perfume by Marc Jacobs and the style is all there: green, green, green. And red as well. After all, what would you expect from a bottle like that?


There are red fruity notes at the start, with a certain sweetness. Gradually, the florals blend in and it’s all wrapped in a vegetable greenness. The green accord of this Marc Jacobs Dot perfume is pretty, simple and straightforward, and the floral and the fruity are just perfectly balanced.


It will be sparkling but not flimsy, and just few sprays will be there for long. Also, it’s fresh and innocent, so it won’t feel at ease during a night out (but if you’re on a beach, then maybe you could pull it off), so keep it for a daylight use, from spring to autumn.


If you like the bottle, you’ll love the fragrance.