Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Review: Where Is It?

Daisy For Women By Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette

Daisy For Women By Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a masterpiece of elusiveness. Is it there? Is it not there? There are delicate florals mixed with semi-sweet reed fruits, but it’s all sparse, as if they used water instead of alcohol to dilute the juice.


It’s a young and bright perfume for the day, and something you would wear for yourself mainly, because you like it, not because you want the others to smell it on you.


The presence of musky notes at times made me think that its weakness was only apparent, but all in all it remained with a steadily dim tone, until thevanilla and musk dry down.


And it’s just its constant low profile – it won’t go up, but won’t go lower either –  that shows that all this was exactly how it was supposed to be.


If I have to find a congruence between Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and its ad (where it appears with Eau So Fresh), it’s in the dreamy and faint character of the scenario and music. The only thing that doesn’t add up there is that the day is windy, whereas I think this fragrance needs a still sunny day to be felt.




And here is a comparison of Daisy EdT vs…

Daisy Eau So Fresh

Daisy EdT: is fresher
Daisy Eau So Fresh: don’t be fooled by the name, it’s certainly fresh, but warmer

EdT: is weaker, although steady
EsF: stands out more, it’s more intense

Although the reviews I found say the opposite,
EdT: is more fruity
EsF: is more floral

Both are young and cheerful (not half-asleep like the models in the ad)


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